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SEO, branding, and marketing strategies for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs.

My services include strategic planning and execution, from creating SEO content and managing branding and marketing campaigns, to website development.  I work with businesses to build an optimized online presence and create a distinct identity to define their brand in a way that works for them.  Marketing strategies are aligned with the business’s objectives and take into consideration the available budget and resources to create a practical and viable solution. My focus is to help businesses optimize their online presence, build their credibility, increase traffic, and generate leads.



The practice of optimizing a website  or webpage to increase the quantity and quality of traffic from a search engine’s organic results.

Brand Strategy

The process of creating a distinct identity for a business, service, or product in the mind of the target audience and consumers.


The activities and processes of a business to promote and sell products or services.

Social Media SEO

Social media SEO, or social SEO, is the practice of combining social media and SEO strategies to improve SERP position, increase website traffic, and generate leads.


Copywriting is a content production strategy designed to capture the attention of your target audience, tap into their emotions, build curiosity, and convince them to take a specific action to generate sales.


Content Writing

The aim of content writing is to share information about a brand, earn customer trust, improve engagement and create opportunities for sales, and include the writing of blogs or marketing emails.

Web Development

Web development is the building and maintenance of websites – it’s the work that happens behind the scenes to make a website look great, work fast and perform well with a seamless user experience. 

Audience Analytics

Audience analysis refers to researching the interests, preferences, demographic, and other aspects of a group to provide a better understanding of what compels consumers to support a brand or make a purchase.  This information helps businesses to make informed decisions about branding and marketing strategies.


Lynne Wilson, SEO, Branding, Marketing

I’m an SEO, branding, and marketing specialist with a background in manufacture and retail business management and operations. Although SEO and, by extension, SEM, have been around for over 20 years, it wasn’t until the Covid pandemic that I realized how important and effective the practice is.  When everyone was in lock-down and our retail outlets were empty, we experienced the most profitable year in the 10-year history of the company.  The key to our success was great SEO and an agile approach to our marketing strategy.

I’m passionate about the importance of EQ and student-centred learning, and I’ve written supplementary educational syllabi to facilitate the development of both. In my spare time, I enjoy drawing and painting and, when I can, I schedule time to teach art lessons.

My superpower is herding cats – an unusual skill set that includes exceptional core skills, agile planning, sound strategy, and a sense of humour – I turn chaos into order.


Truekrav Self Defence Training

Lynne has done an excellent job at making my Truekrav site more visible, and has helped me to grow my online presence. Lynne is super flexible and efficient, and has turned my multiple ad hoc requests and expectations into an effective strategy that has had a proven positive impact: more people are finding my site in Google searches than ever before and the number of people visiting the Truekrav site has more than doubled! It’s a real pleasure to work with someone so organized, who can take initiative so that I can get on with the day to day of running my business.

Etienne Ferreira

Founder and Owner, Truekrav

Logo fo Art Images

Lynne advised me on aesthetic enhancements for my website and SEO improvements needed on the back end. She quickly grasped the essentials of the business and devised a thorough approach to getting the fundamentals in place. The changes were easy to implement and the website traffic has improved significantly!

Merle van Eden

Owner, Art Images

ROHO Heritage Jewellery

Biggest thanks to Lynne, for helping us optimise our brand new e-commerce site, she has taken it from non-ranking to being fully optimised in such a short amount of time. Something I would not have been able to do without her expertise. She has also given us invaluable advice and mentoring from her own corporate background which we have been ever so grateful to absorb and take onboard to help our brand grow.

Holly Szymanski

Co-founder and Owner, ROHO Heritage Jewellery

I have known Lynne Wilson since we were employed at the same company, where Lynne was in a marketing position.

Currently, Lynne is self employed and runs a Digital Marketing company. Recently, she started doing work for one of my clients, Isisa Healthcare, who had an extremely poor digital marketing profile. In the space of three months Lynne has turned that around and the company’s profile is at height previously not imagined.

Lynne is meticulous about following up with clients as they also have to do their bit to enable her to be as effective as possible. Isisa Healthcare has received much more from Lynne than we could possibly have hoped for.

Karin Brown

Accountant, Isisa Healthcare

Jewellery Afrika, myself, and my colleagues are extremely proud to be associated and have formed a strategic partnership alliance, with Lynne Wilson Digital Marketing. The company’s professionalism, vast knowledge base, global and local insights into digital marketing and all this encompasses, has allowed us to continually evolve to become more tech-savvy than ever before.  Their dynamic, now-focused and moreover, future-forward thinking approach has been essential for us in creating an end-user platform which the Afrikan and global jewellery community, can unequivocally rely on for digital brand marketing opportunities which work. Staying on-brand for 21st century digital success is a must and Lynne Wilson Digital Marketing has given us the edge

Jason Aarons

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Jewellery Afrika

Website Development and SEO

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